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SFU General Privacy and Confidentiality Agreement

In the course of my employment or volunteer activities with Simon Fraser University, I may obtain access to personal information about other people including students, faculty members, staff, alumni and members of the public. I understand it is illegal to disclose this personal information:

1. to anyone outside the University unless the law explicitly permits it;
2. to anyone inside the University who does not need to know it to perform their work; and
3. to store and access the information outside Canada unless the law explicitly permits it.

I understand I have a legal duty to protect the privacy of individuals whose personal information I obtain access to. I promise to keep personal information confidential and to handle it in accordance with: 1) the Freedom of Information and Protection of Privacy Act and its Regulations, 2) University Policy I10.04 - Access to Information and Protection of Privacy and 3) applicable department policy.

I understand that I may be subject to the imposition of a disciplinary sanction and/or to a legal penalty if I, without authority, access, collect, use, disclose, store, retain and dispose of personal information in ways not permitted by law and University policy.

I understand that my legal obligation survives termination of my employment or volunteer activities at Simon Fraser University.

By checking this box, I acknowledge that I have read and will abide by the agreement as outlined above.

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